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Prepare Meals Faster Than Ever
The Uloo's unique design allows you to prepare foods faster than ever before.
No more standing in your kitchen, chopping endlessly for your meals.
With the Uloo's rounded blade and special cutting board you'll breeze through your
recipe preparation without wearing yourself out

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Our Uloo Knife is a space age version of an ancient knife.
The Uloo knife is unique in that the handle is placed directly over the curved blade, thus making it much
easier to use and control than other knives, for cutting, slicing, dicing and chopping.
This makes the Uloo especially beneficial for those suffering from wrist problems, or arthritis.
You can actually cut a cob of corn in half with the Uloo, as you can easily cut up a whole pineapple.
With the Uloo Knife, it is much easier, due to the greatly enhanced leverage because of the placement of the
handle directly over the curved blade.
The Uloo Knife is extremely sturdy and can be used while camping, and for emergency situations.
It will easily cut through a seatbelt, if trapped, and can be used to chop up wood, or to cut kindling.
There are many uses for the Uloo Knife.


In addition to the actual Uloo Knife, we have added a specially designed chopping board,
which incorporates a built in bowl. The curve of the bowl closely matches the curve of the blade of the Uloo
and provides much more cutting contact than a conventional flat surface.
The bowl also tends to hold many of the items that one is working on in the bowl and prevents
them from falling off the board. This especially works well with nuts and small items.
The other side of the board is a conventional cutting board, with a flat surface,
which works great for certain jobs which are not appropriate for the curved bowl.

Uloo Set

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Uloo Knife
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